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  • Imagine the horror of armed and masked men bursting into your home, grabbing one of your family, cuffing their hands, putting a hood over their head, bundling them into a van and driving off into the night. Imagine the trepidation and confusion as over the coming weeks and months you hear nothing. You know that your government is probably involved but the authorities deny all knowledge. All of your questions remain unanswered: Why was your loved one taken? Where are they being held? Are they being tortured? Are they even still alive?

  • Here's Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor's 'Pause for Thought' reflection from today - 20 september 2016. It was broadcast just after 9:20am on BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Show.

  • Pope Francis has landed in Assisi, the hilltop town in central Italy where Saint Francis was born. His one day visit to Assisi sees him taking part in the closing of the interreligious World Day of Prayer for Peace, organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio. The theme of the 3-day international meeting this year is “Thirst for Peace. Religions and Cultures in Dialogue”.

  • Earlier this year many of the churches in England took up the invitation of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to set aside the days leading up to Pentecost Sunday to pray for the renewing and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit to make Christ real in our midst, for the flourishing of all. As Presidents of Churches Together in England we are delighted to join together to extend this invitation to all the churches in England to participate in this movement of prayer in 2017.

  • On 19 September 2016, Mrs Sally Jane Axworthy MBE, presented her Letters of Credence to His Holiness Pope Francis, accrediting her as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy See.